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Why Türkiye?

Republic of Turkiye; Thanks to its outstanding achievements in health services, natural beauties, landscapes, beaches, historical values, nightlife and food culture, it is a very important country with its geopolitical location which is the rare beauty that millions of tourists visit every year.

It is one of the most developed countries in the world in terms of tourism and health tourism.

Health tourism has emerged as an important field that has developed rapidly in recent years. Health tourism, a sub-field of tourism, has become popular in the last few years and has started to appeal to a larger and larger audience. Although there are many reasons for this development, people have turned to this service for certain reasons. Some of these are; financial reasons, prolonged access to treatment, and sometimes health tourists can become health tourists in order to achieve the quality and expertise of health care they are looking for. Halal medical tourism service, which is also included in health tourism and appeals to Muslim health tourists, is within this field. Halal medical tourism is the organization of a health tourism process based on Islamic sensitivities. The aim of this study is to explain halal medical tourism within health tourism with all its components. For this purpose, it is to introduce the halal service components that are necessary for halal medical tourism to be applicable, as well as the services of Muslim-friendly hospitals, which are the prerequisite for making this service available and where Muslim patients can receive services in accordance with their religious sensitivity when they go abroad. At Find Halal Health, we offer these health services in a halal manner to you, our valued believers.i

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