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In recent years Türkiye has achieved great success at the level of health services, making it a competitor to developed countries. For this reason Turkiye has become a destination for treatment for a large number of patients from around the World.

With our experience, we have made it possible for hundreds of patients to benefit from the high quality health services available to our country, as well as their experiences throughout their treatment, making everyone who stays with us in Türkiye feel at home.

Our company (Find Halal Health), which works in the field medical tourism, located in , facilitates the arrival of patients for hospitalization in the country’s high quality health facilities, many of which have received international accreditations. We give the highest quality and the best ways in health tourism in reasonable costs with our honored hospitality and special care in Turkiye.

We will help our customers through their medical travel essential information and more significant healing alternatives within your budget. Our extensive medical tourism resource is dedicated to helping the patient understands and have advantage by the new international health care programs.

We will support you from reservation of your traveling to generating almost all of your stay in Türkiye. Our customer service team will give you an excellent attention and the full service, both equally the planning of the trip and during the treatment term.

We are delighted to welcome you to our clinic, where we focus on your health while respecting your religious and cultural values. Thank you for choosing us to provide you with an exceptional experience tailored to your halal health requirements. We are here to support you and help you regain your health.iye


The patient shares detailed information with us about her/his medical history, like treating’s in the past, reports, test results and any other documents about her/his possible current conditions for the preliminary diagnosis.

After we received all the documents from the patient, we arrange and share them with our contracted doctors.

The most appropriate treatment and medical procedures for the patient, prepared in detail by our physicians, will be transferred to our professional planning team.

The patient receives a detailed treatment plan, the medical procedures and a price offer prepared by the health care team.

The patient decides which services she / he wants to take.

The appointments with the doctors for the pre-checks are organized by our team after the health visa is approved.

Airline tickets will be bought according to the travel plan. The selected hotel will be booked by our planning team.

Airport transfer is done by our transfer agent on the scheduled day and time.

The check-in procedures at the hotel will be carried out by our transfer team according to the planned treatment program.

Depending on the urgency of the treatment or in case of a vital risk, transport with the private ambulance service can be carried out directly to the health institution where the treatment will take place.

The treatments and the medical procedures will be performed in a contracted health facility.

At requests of the patient; city tours, shopping tours, and social activities will be organized before or after the treatment by our planning team.

After the final checks after the treatment, the patient will be brought to the airport by our transfer personnel.

After arrival, the patient is contacted the same day to check if everything went according expectations and how his health is.

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