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Sep 07
Why Do Teens With Severe Obesity Miss Out on Weight Loss Surgery?

Teens with severe obesity face a number of barriers to metabolic and bariatric surgery, a qualitative study suggests. These data suggest that a lack of understanding about metabolic and bariatric surgery along with social stigma and access challenges associated with financial difficulties contribute to limited or decreased access to metabolic and bariatric surgery, report Eric G. […]

Sep 07
Obesity Drug With Swallowable Balloon Boosts Weight Loss

DUBLIN — A swallowable gastric balloon (Allurion Balloon, formerly known as Elipse) combined with daily subcutaneous injections of the glucagon-like peptide 1 (GLP-1) agonist liraglutide (Saxenda, Novo Nordisk), leads to a significant average total body weight loss of 19% (18 kg or 40 lb) after around 4 months in people with obesity. “The combination therapy [balloon […]

Sep 07
Obesity-Related Cardiovascular Disease Deaths Surging

Obesity-Related Cardiovascular Disease Deaths Surging TOPLINE: In contrast to an overall decline in cardiovascular mortality, obesity-related cardiovascular deaths have risen substantially in the past two decades, most prominently among Black women. “We observed a threefold increase in obesity-related cardiovascular age-adjusted mortality rates between 1999 and 2020,” write the authors. METHODOLOGY: Data from the US population-level Multiple […]